Sermon Series

Gospel of John

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life, and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. — John 1:1-5 (ESV)

With these words, John opens his account of the turning point of history: God enters this fallen, dark world, taking on human flesh, and living a human life.  From this moment on, things will not be the same. Darkness is conquered  —  and hope restored.


Sermon Title Date Download
The Overwhelming Light Sep 11, 2016
What are you Seeking? Sep 18, 2016
Purity and the Taste of Wine Sep 25, 2016
Meeting Jesus at Night Oct 02, 2016
Jealousy: Its Cause and its Cure Oct 09, 2016
Give me Water! Oct 16, 2016
Announcing the Savior, Harvesting the Fields Oct 23, 2016
When God Works, but We Don't Notice Oct 30, 2016
Helping the Ungrateful Nov 06, 2016
Laying Aside our Own Glory Nov 20, 2016
Fast Food for Thanksgiving? It Won't Fill you Up Nov 27, 2016
Whose Glory are You Living For? Dec 11, 2016
Christmas with John Dec 18, 2016
The New Start That We All Need Jan 01, 2017
In the World, But Not of It Jan 08, 2017
Can You See Now? Jan 15, 2017
Be Confident in Your Salvation Jan 22, 2017
Resurrection to Death Feb 05, 2017
Belief and Unbelief Feb 12, 2017
The Proper Way to Wash Feet Feb 19, 2017
Finding Peace in a World of Anxiety Mar 05, 2017
Producing Fruit for your Friend Mar 12, 2017
The Joy After Childbirth Mar 19, 2017
Lies and Truth Apr 02, 2017
Don't be Ashamed of the One Who Was Shamed Apr 09, 2017
He is Risen, He is Not Here Apr 16, 2017
Jesus and Adam were in a Garden Apr 30, 2017
Breakfast with Jesus May 21, 2017
Your Turn: Continuing the Story of John May 28, 2017

Building with Ezra-Nehemiah

"In the first year of Cyrus King of Persia, that the word of the Lord by the mouth of Jeremiah might be fulfilled ..."  With these words, the book of Ezra-Nehemiah expounds on God's plan to restore Israel from captivity to the promised land of their fathers.  Just as he had promised, God called a remnant back from captivity to rebuild and restore the city of Jerusalem and the temple of the one true God.

Today, God's people are still involved in rebuilding and restoring.  As Christ's people, we have a royal commission to bring the gospel and extend his kingdom to the ends of the earth. What can we learn from the experiences of God's people in Ezra and Nehemiah's day?  What can we learn about our work for God's kingdom today?

Sermon Title Date Download
Letting God Structure your Life Sep 06, 2015
The Fear of New Beginnings Sep 13, 2015
Anchor your Floating Life Sep 20, 2015
A Harmony of Tears and Joy Oct 04, 2015
Doubt and Life Dec 06, 2015
Ezra and a Rocky Marriage pt. 1 Jan 31, 2016
Ezra and a Rocky Marriage pt. 2 Feb 21, 2016
Fear and Prayer Feb 28, 2016
Balancing Wisdom and Emotion Mar 06, 2016
Working Together for One Purpose Mar 06, 2016
Insecurity, the Bully, and God's Deliverance Apr 10, 2016
Thinking about Social Justice as a Christian Apr 10, 2016
Trusting in God in the Midst of Deceit Apr 17, 2016
Condensing History - Seeing the Big Picture May 08, 2016
Stability Through the Ups and Downs of Life May 15, 2016
The Fulfillment of the Second Temple Jun 12, 2016
Concluding Ezra-Nehemiah: Making the Stranger Less Strange Jun 19, 2016
The Sabbath: Resisting the Culture of Now Jun 25, 2016


Paul's Epistle to the Romans is one of the most important books of the Bible.  It is a carefully thought out argument for believers in Rome to seek that righteousness that comes only from Christ and no longer rely on the righteousness of works.  

Sermon Title Date Download
Spirals of Violence and the Only Way Out Sep 21, 2014
What to do When There's Only One Solution Oct 05, 2014
Answering Life's Dilemma Oct 12, 2014
How to Inherit the Earth Oct 19, 2014
Finding Freedom From Guilt Dec 09, 2014
Christianity and Environmentalism Jan 11, 2015
Be Sure of Your Salvation Jan 18, 2015
How Patience Changes the World Feb 01, 2015
Evangelism: Why? and How? Feb 11, 2015
Jealousy - It Will Eat You Up Feb 15, 2015
Dead Theology Mar 01, 2015
How to Bless your Enemy Mar 08, 2015
Politics and Religion - Let's Talk Mar 15, 2015
Resurrection and Romans - Why it Matters Apr 05, 2015
Equality in the Church Apr 12, 2015
Help with the Burden May 10, 2015
Finding Peace, Finding Purpose May 17, 2015
Relationships that Glorify God May 24, 2015
Romans: A Summary to the Glory of God Jun 07, 2015