3:30 Endeavor House


The Endeavor House is a safe and supportive residence for men who have experienced the hurt of past sins, and claiming Jesus Christ as their Savior, desire to be taught to live their lives for the Lord, that they may be fitted for maximum service in His kingdom.

Program Overview

What is 3:30 Endeavor House?

3:30 Endeavor House is a residence set aside to encourage and facilitate Christian character development and life stability for young and/or struggling Christians. In short, it is a place for Christians in difficult and challenging places in life to live, be discipled, and focus on gaining spiritual and financial stability.

What does 3:30 Endeavor House Teach?

The Endeavor House teaches that real life change comes from the work of Christ in our life. We teach that life is a constant journey of discipleship.  We are always learning from stronger Christians around us how to walk with Christ, and we are called, in turn, to disciple others. The Endeavor House is not a therapy program that offers a 'quick-fix' solution to life. Rather the house is a place where new and/or struggling Christians can gain stability in a challenging world through worship, discipleship, prayer, fellowship, and accountability. 

The foundation of the Endeavor House is Christ and our call to carry his cross through life. The cross of Christ symbolizes our complete and total commitment to the Lord in all aspects of life. Faith is not wishful thinking; rather, it is a life-transformation. When we have faith in Christ we are acknowledging that He is now our King, and as King of our life, we follow him for direction. His rule, love, forgiveness, and direction become the guiding light for every decision in our lives. Faith in Christ is not an appendix to our life. Rather, faith in Christ becomes the driving and defining force for our new life. We respond by carrying the cross of Christ, by losing our life for the sake of Christ, and journeying through this challenging life as we depend on the righteousness of our Savior.

How to Apply for Residency

Residency in Endeavor House is open to men who have a desire to be discipled in their Christian walk and have need of a supportive environment in which to grow. The potential resident should review the Resident Handbook and complete a House Application and submit to:

3:30 Endeavor House Board
115 East Avenue
East Rochester, NY 14445

Upon initial review of the application, availability of a room, and a favorable endorsement of the house board, the applicant will have an in-person interview with at least two board members and the house manager. A recommendation will then be made to the RRPC Session for their endorsement.  

Join the Endeavor!

Your contributions will go to needed capital improvements at 3:30 Endeavor House.

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